About Joke Quintens

Field expert “Making City Together” with vast experience in design and facilitation of co-creation and participation projects and as a local policy maker/deputy mayor. Inspirator, matchmaker, public speaker, author, active citizen.



Joke designs, organizes and guides together with Dirk Chauvaux and local city makers Urban Field Trips in Marseille on topics like Melting Pot, Urban Development, Equality and Gender, Nature Based Solutions.

Joke is the inspirer and driving force of Living Lab Moving*Marseille wherein she sets up several projects: Chain of Stories of Marseille citizens, offline post project “verzachtende omstandigheden”, citizen twinning Rotterdam-Marseille, etc.

Joke is a public speaker and with her inspiration talk “Making City Together” she tries to find an answer to the question “How can we make city together? With 6 thoughts and 22 ways to do it she shows inspiring examples from over the world and from next door. As a citizen, an activist, a policy maker/deputy mayor and an entrepreneur she is and was very closely involved in several and various forms of citizens participation, co-creation an transition initiatives in cities.

Joke is frequently asked on an international level to share her expertise and insights. 2017 examples: European consortiums in the Horizon 2020 program on nature based solutions in cities, The Open Innovation Summit in Torino, Ideas City in Arles from New York Museum program, Social Innovation Network Siac, Cities in Transition network Pakhuis De Zwijger, etc. Before: Belmont Forum USA, Informed Cities Dresden, Sustainable Cities in Bilbao, etc.

Joke is a designer and facilitator of co-creation and participation processes and projects in cities, companies and organizations. For 15 years she is asked in all sorts of places and sectors to design, facilitate and support co-creation of communities, projects, visions, action plans, manifests and books, campaigns etc.

Email: joke.quintens@icloud.com
Call: +32 474 97 62 72
Skype: quintensjoke
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company website Dwarsdenkers
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Moving*Marseille website
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2 reacties op About Joke Quintens

  1. Ella Desmedt zegt:

    Dag Joke,
    Zoals je misschien al weet, werk ik sinds september bij IDEA Consult, waar ik me vooral bezig hou met evaluaties, ook rond regionale en stedelijke ontwikkeling. Het zou tof zijn mochten we bij gelegenheid de krachten eens kunnen bundelen!

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